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Your silk flowers can last a lifetime!

Silk flowers are durable and sturdy, is easy to carry or transport and no matter where you are going for your oversea per wed shooting. they won’t to wilting, tearing or falling apart. Your silk bouquet can be kept as a memento from your special day for years and years. These flowers don't depend on weather changes. This means you will not have to worry about your blooms getting dry in the winter and wilting in the summer. Silk flowers are great if you are having a destination wedding in a tropical climate,You won't have to worry about under- or overwatering your flowers , or constantly replacing soiled water .

However, we spend a lot of time to find out the best quality of silk flower, they can look just as beautiful and realistic! 

We only tailor-made beautiful flowers and unique design for my lovely brides ,so we can’t provide pictures as a reference or copy. if you provision the pictures that we will be deemed as order Luxury bouquet.
  • European style bouquet $2,100HKD

  • Chinese style bouquet $2,000HKD

  • Cascade  bouquet $2,400HKD

  • Luxury bouquet $2,800HKDup(use all luxury flowers、also can Provide pictures for ref)

    **If need a special one or different style , we can personal tailor for you.  however, the price will be different according to the skill and the size.


*Add $300HKD join package included
1 Groom’s Boutonniere  and 1 Head-flowers 


Boutonniere $150HKD/ Corsage $180HKD
Flower crown small flowers $550HKD/medium flowers $750HKD/large flowers$1050HKD
Bridesmaid small size $780HKD/medium size$1180HKD/
Head flowers $250HKD

Specified to add Any Flowers in your bouquet, E.g:
Peony / Garden Rose / American Rose / Anemone / Orchid / Amazon Lily .. $200HKD for 1 Kind


Dahlia Hues shop - Hand dyed Silk ribbon HK
1 color $220HKD/5-6cm /3 metres


For the car decoration

Silk flowers don't depend on weather changes, they withstand seasonal and weather situations. After your wedding, they can be part of your home decoration kick as a memento. We will design one-of-a-kind for you Whether your theme requires a wild or vintage, modern or traditional design.$4500HKDup


Furthermore, we have standard package for your choose. We can made whether color theme you like.   40x30cm standard size and 4 handles flowers in the package$4200HKD



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