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Once you have made the order is mean you accept and bound by all the terms and conditions here. Angélica Fleurs reserve the right to revise and to change without any notification. Angélica Fleurs can change and revise the information and service inside the website without and further notice. Once you have made the order after any revise of the terms and conditions is mean you have accept and bound by the Terms and Conditions.


May I see samples of your work?

Absolutely! We love what we do and are proud to show it off! Our Instagram has even more examples of our work along with inspiration from photography or other wedding vondor artists . We also have samples of our daily work on IG. Finally, our FB page features a wide assortment of our work.

How far in advance should I schedule my order?

At least 3-6 months before the wedding is ideal,our fresh bouquet are the popular items for weddings , and only handle limited client on one day. so we recommend beginning the process as early as possible to be sure that we have your date available. 

If you want to add more custom work during this time after has order, please let us know and have payment 1month before the date.

You cannot cancel any items that has taken an order, but you can exchange it with other products of same price. So we hope you double check the quantity order before. 

Can I change the date or to make any refund ?

Deposit is for holding the date and to enjoy the special price of it (if you want to add the order on different date or change the date, you need to pay the updated or different price then).


If the order is cancel by either 1 party before 3 months of the actual date, refund can be make without taking any responsibilities. 


You can’t cancel or refund within 3 months of the date under any circumstances. However, you can change the date once and you must inform us at least before the date 3 weeks . You can only change to the date that we are available within a year from the initial order day. And the ordered cannot transfer to any third party.


Can i proceed in-person consultation with order?

Sorry dear we are online flowershop . For the flowers product booked only by email. you can email us your requirement , the design is depends on the confidence of each other.


How to design the flower and Can you revise your flowers  ??

we can design the flowers that reflect your personality, we will Provide the form to you fill in to know as much about you as possible and we will ask a lot of questions. The flower products are tailor-made based on your form to design, Typically we ask about your color palette and feeling and style ;  what are your favorite flowers;  what colors or flowers you dislike..
Unfortunately, fresh flowers are consumables, we can't make any changes to the fresh flowers. all flowers are tailor-made with our style

What flowers will using on bouquet and have an extra charge if you add your favorite flowers??
We will choose the Seasonal flower when we go to the market.If you want to add your favourite flowers on bouquet it will be have extra charge when you fill in the form . however the flower is depends on the market supply, it will definitely affected by the weather, we cannot 100% assurance or promise that you can have what you want. If they are not feasible after we try our best, we will arrange refund of the extra charges..

Step by step to order the silk flowers!

  • 1. For the flowers product booked only by email based on we are online flowershop. Please fill in the required information and we will contact you if the schedule date is available.  

  • 2. We will provide a design form for you to fill in further as to understand what you like and dislike. exactly to know how many items you have in order to make a quote for you.

  • 3. To deposit a sum of 50%  deposit to reserve the date for fresh items .  we will send the receipt mail to you when we receive the your payment. Let's wait patiently of your bigday to coming ,  if have any questions and more custom work during this time,  please feel free to contact us and we will prepare for you ! The balance needs to be transfer one week before pickup day.

  • 4. Offer delivery based on we are online flowershop.(Free) !

    ​For the Fresh flowers - We only have the option to send them for you to the venue or home one day before(after 18pm,we try to be extremely flexible in accommodating our clients with scheduling. I am sure that we can find a time that will work for you.).Free delivery Address Near MTR / TRAIN station but does not include 'Outlying Islands and Remote Areas'
    (delivery time is subject to change depending on current road conditions. (eg. road works, traffic jams, weather conditions, etc)


***Booked only by email. In order for us to truly understand your vision,  we need to know a lot more about your wedding/shooting  than just how many bouquets,Bridesmaids flower and boutonnieres you'll need. we need to know evething in your wedding's or shooting to help create a cohesive that we can get an idea of your needs to help us prepare and to make the best! 

Fresh Flower Order Form

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