Use colors to shape personal style; use design to convey impression.
In addition to style and formation, the focus on technique and theory is what we insist. 


Every year we hold 2 to 3 days training courses at different areas irregularly. Courses will be announced on Instagram 3 months in advance. Course fee may differ depending on the theme and contents. and the courses revolve the followings:
- How to create and establish personal style with skills
- Color utilization; suitable material selection
- Understand techniques in the flower industry in short
- Solutions to all kinds of requirements from clients

A link with detail will be provided after the schedule has been confirmed. Pay close attention to future announcement on IG @angelicafleurs !


As a designer, just having extraordinary style and aesthetic talents is not enough. Design, color matching, selection, control, maintenance, transport, and communication with clients, all of which is a significant subject.


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